Sound triggers

The sound of a noisy repetetive car alarm will cause your face to frown and teeth to grind very rapidly, creating a very negative and unwelcomed response  –  which interestingly enough, is exactly what that sound is designed to do, that’s the specific goal of a car alarm – so we could say that the sound of a car alarm is very well briefed and applied!!!

On the other hand, the sound of an ambient meadow with birds gently singing in the distance will give you a more calm and positive feeling, and even a very effective therapeutic feeling.

Imagine a PC commercial without the Intel Inside audio logo, or a Harley-Davidson ride experience without that very unique and special calibrated roaring tone!

Sound triggers powerful recall and reactions on so many levels. And much like a good visual or industrial design, it also has the ability to convey key values and strengthen brand channel reputations and positioning.