We are a creative audio branding agency specialising in original music composition, sound design and complete audio services. We work for international broadcast. Our goal is to produce music that enhances the look & feel of our clients brand.

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Since the Intel benchmark, we are in many ways even more aware of the power and potential contained within an effective Audio Mnemonic, although with this thought in mind, I feel we should also be a little careful – because as much as an Audio Logo can help to develop, consolidate and strengthen a brand – it can also harm or have a detrimental effect. So it’s important to keep in mind, that if one of your goals or intentions is to create a memorable or recognizable audio mnemonic, the traditional 3, 4 or 5 note musical logo may be the right solution but it may well not be the right audio solution, although the goal is indeed a device to create ongoing recognition and the hook factor!

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